Rome, 7 May - 16 June 2017

Every General Chapter
is a favourable timefor ... to revive the grace of our origins ...
is an event of communion and fraternity,
in which we are called upon to examine and foster our religious family's fidelity to the Gospel,
in accordance with the founding charism,
so that it may effectively collaborate with God in His plan and work of salvation.


The XXVII General Chapter will have as its specific objectives:
     ≈  evaluation of the global situation of the Institute with reference to the itinerary
     ≈  a deeper study of the theme:
  We joyfully witness to Jesus the Redeemer, merciful face of the Father”

   ≈  pointing out of objectives to be given priority in the field of formation and of apostolic activity in close relation to the theme, guidelines and decisions to be implemented in the next sexennium;
    ≈  electionof the Superior General and of the Assistants General.

The Chapter Assembly will consistof 58 sisters, representing 3,835 sisters (date as of December 31, 2016) spread throughout the world: Africa, South America, North America, Asia and Europe.

  We shall be grateful if you support us with your prayer,
that this event may be for us a time of grace
for a renewed commitment of faithful love and service
for the good of the Church and the benefit of men and women of today.
of Pope Francis
  Opening celebrations

•   The icon of the Trinity, contemplated in the reproduction of Masaccio, in Santa Maria Novella in Florence, will accompany the work of the chapter.
•   Opening prayer of the XXVII general chapter entitled: Guard Us in your name because we are one.
•   A representative of each legal entity of the Institute went to the altar to put a little oil in the lamp that will accompany them all the days of the chapter.
•   At the end of the prayer, each chapter goes to the altar to receive from Mother Annamaria Vigano’ a mandate to let themselves be guided by the love of Jesus and to be a sign of it for each sister: "Trinitas in Cruce"-the Trinity in the cross.

The first day spent in recollection
•   meditations dictated by brother Luke Fallica-OSB Prior of the monastic community – Holy Trinity Dumenza who enlightened the chapter members about a new manifestation of the crucified and risen one (1cor. 1,18-25; Jn 21, 1-14)
•   At midday the capitulars are on deck for the Regina Coeli prayer with the Pope.
•   At 18.30 opening Eucharistic Celebration of the general chapter XXVII presided over by his Eminence Rev.ma Card. JOAO BRAZ DE AVIZ, prefect of CIVCSVA, welcomed by mother Annamaria Viganò with a loving and grateful greeting. During the Homily of his eminence presented the figure of the good shepherd who knows and calls by name every sheep. He invited the Assembly to learn from him the love and care for those we are entrusted with.
•   At the end of the Eucharistic Celebration his eminence welcomes cordially each chapter member, posing for photos and selfie ...
•   Visitation icon placed in the Capitular Hall reminiscent of the theme of the chapter: "Female experts of communion’’.
•   Opening speech of the Superior General Mother Annamaria Viganò: She invites all to be women experts of communion; indicates the perspective with which we are called to go into chapter: "a renewed awareness of the 'dream' that God has always been in His heart: to be united in love with all.
•   Mother General officially declares opened the XXVII General Chapter of the Institute.




Information session and study


•   With the reports of the Superior General, General Treasurer and the Major Superiors of the different juridical entities, the chapter assembly has set in for an attentive and prolonged listening to the great works that the Lord has performed and continue to do day after day for the good of so many of our brothers all over the world.
•   The five study groups started off their work: intense and very rich is the experience of sharing by each sister. It gives a wider look to every one about the world wherever the Charism is lived out with deeper understanding, new expressions and more adequate responses according to the places and the times.
•   The time after dinner is dedicated to watching videos and power points prepared by different juridical entities: These are added opportunities to learn more about the ways in which the Charism of charity is lived out.


18 th MAY:





•   The solemn Eucharistic Celebration, presided over by His Excellency Msg. Jose Rodriguez Carballo, Secretary of the Congregation for Consecrated Life, was animated by the Liturgical group with songs, meaningful gestures (enthronement of the Word and Aarathi after the consecration) and prayers in different languages.
•   Mother Annamaria gifted to each chapter member the publication "The grace of our origins-historical and spiritual deepening of the charism" compiled by Sr. Albarica Mascotti.
•   After dinner-time of recreation animated by the spontaneity and creativity of some of the chapter members: the day concluded with games and laughter.

Study session

From 22nd to 24th May the Chapter Assembly is committed to listening to three experts who threw light on the theme of the chapter with rich reflections from different points of view:

  • The prof. Bruna Costacurta presented a biblical reflection focused on the two women "experts of communion", Ruth and Mary of Magdala
  • Mother Constantina Kersbamer, built up her talk as a historical-charismatic journey which starting from our Saints Bartolomea and Vincenza women of communion, lead the history of the Institute in its early years, as experience and service of communion. She then highlighted the path of renewal in favour of communion implemented by Mother Constantina Baldinucci and Mother Angela Maria Companile.
  • The prof. Christine Jeangey, an official at the ‘Ministry for the Service of Integral Human Development’ instituted by Pope Francis in 2016, addressed the theme "The woman in the present socio-cultural-ecclesial context at a global level. The condition of woman in the light of the international rights and the social doctrine of the Church”.


Elective session

Elective session of Superior General and her Council occupies the entire week from 29 May to 3 June.

•  May 29th Monday – Fr. Hans Zollner sj, Dean of the Faculty of psychology at the Gregorian University, addresses the Capitulars offering "the criteria of discernment according to Saint Ignatius".
•  Afternoon Mother Annamaria Viganò presents the "notes in view of the election of the Superior General according to the Rule of Life" •  30th May Tuesday– day of prayer - Eucharistic adoration and silence
•  31st May Wednesday - Feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth. After the singing of the "Veni Creator", the Chapter Assembly gathers in the hall to elect the Superior General. Presided over by the Assistant General  Sr. Apoline Monis, the Assembly Standing expresses its adherence to the formula: "I promise before God that I elect for Superior General one whom according to God I feel I must elect for this Office". Mother Annamaria Viganò is reelected Superior General for the next six years (2017-2023): the chapter members applauds and join in prayer.


Mother Annamaria Viganò
is reelected Superior General
for the next six years (2017-2023):
the chapter members applauds and join in prayer.

•  Each chapter member, with the Sisters of the community, exchanges with mother Annamaria a hug, a sign of joy and gratitude with lot of cultural gestures and signs of affection.
•  The day ends with a festive moment of recreation which sees the creativity and spontaneity of all Chapter members.

Jubilee -1st June - Holy Mass on St Peter's Tomb in the Vatican grottoes.
The Chapter Assembly joins in Thanksgiving to the Lord for the four sisters who today celebrate their anniversaries of religious profession:
Sr. Carla Zaghen and Sr. Reena Lilian Gomez of 25th anniversary; Sr. Baptista Alukka and Sr Leonarda Azzopardi of 50th anniversary. After the homily and prayers of the faithful, the four sisters renew the offering of their lives to Jesus the most Amiable Redeemer.


In the morning of Saturday 3rd June,
the Chapter Assemby
proceeded to the election of four Assistants General:
KURIAKOSE S. suor MARY (already assistant general)
MAURI suor GIULIA (already assistant general)
FERNANDES suor VENITA (of the province of Dharwad)
MOSCHEN suor MARÌA MÒNICA (provincial superior of Argentina).


With this elections the elective sessions come to an end; with gratitude to the Lord we celebrate joyfully evening prayer first of the Solemnity of the Pentecost.



  POPE FRANCIS - 7 June 2017

Study Session, Deliberations, Conclusion

Starting on Thursday 8 June the Chapter assembly takes up the drafting the Programmatic Document. A Commission is given the charge of drawing up the main lines of the itinerary to be followed by the Institute in the forthcoming sexennium: this Draft has to be approved by the whole assembly.

15 June – In the morning the Chapter members gather in the Chapel for Holy Mass of Thanksgiving, presided over by His Eminence Cardinal JOAO BRAZ DE AVIZ, Prefect of CIVCSVA. In his homily Cardinal Joao uttered words which clearly confirm the research work and findings made throughout the Chapter days.

In the afternoon the Chapter members gather in the Chapter for the Prayer in conclusion of the Final Acts. They render thanks to the Blessed Trinity for all that they have been granted throughout these days of grace and for the new paths along the itinerary traced out in view of communion, sharing and attending to further goals envisaged.

16 June – The Chapter assembly is back in the Hall to hear the Closing Speech of Mother Annamaria Viganò: she declares the XXVII General Chapter closed and invokes on all present the Blessing of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All then stand and their voices blend in prayer and in the singing of Mother Annamaria’s motto; “Indebted for life, we live in charity, for charity….”. With the last pictures taken, all set out for Milan.



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